Introduction to SAFe for all key roles.

SAFe Core

Who is the SAFe Core training for?

For organizations that want to get to know SAFe in all its key areas, still undecided on its implementation and not yet prepared to invest in in-depth training and certification of individual SAF roles.


Individual trainings are strongly oriented towards the roles for which they were created. Therefore, for example, SAFe Advanced Scrum Master training will be a great choice for Scrum Masters and Project Managers, but organization leaders and people involved in product management will find a large part of it unnecessary. Additionally, each of these trainings ends with an exam for which it prepares and the price of which increases the price of the training.

So what to do when we want to familiarize ourselves with the SAFe framework of key stakeholders in the organization: top management, product management, project management, system architecture and development?
Choose a balanced SAFe Core training, in a one-day version, presenting SAFe with equal emphasis on all of these areas. If, on the other hand, the organization needs a bit deeper knowledge of the Lean and Agile ideals in product development management, we recommend a two-day version expanded with additional exercises that will allow you to understand the discussed material even better.

The one-day version of the training is carried out on the basis of the following plan:

- Bird's eye view of the entire SAFe framework
- Introducing the Lean-Agile idea in product development across the entire organization
- Familiarization with the principles of SAFe
- Description of key roles in the areas
- product management
- process management
- technology management
- An explanation of how products and projects are initiated and how their business value is managed across all SAFe levels
- Discussing the planning and execution of the project cycle at the program and team level

The two-day version deepens the issues of agile project management and additionally includes:
in-depth exercises in the area of requirements and process management
simulation of the key SAFe ritual - Increment Planning Program - involving all key roles


Why additional SAFe training?
SAFe offers 5 training courses strictly dedicated to the individual roles involved in agile management of product development on the scale of large enterprises. All of them are accredited and end with a certification exam. The table below shows the training courses and the project roles they are intended for.

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