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SAFe Value Stream Workshop

The "SAFe Value Stream Workshop" is a structured approach to defining Value Streams (operational and development) in an organization and constructing Agile Release Trains for them.


  • MODULE 1 - Examine the Importance of Value Streams  for Continuous Flow
  • Introduction
  • Identify Silos
  • What is a Value Stream?
  • MODULE 2 - Identify Value Streams and ARTs
  • Process Overview, Step 1
  • Identify your Operational Value Streams
  • Operational Value Stream Definition
  • Write an Operational Value Stream definition
  • Prepare your workspace
  • Loans Value Stream
  • Illustrate the Operational Value Streams
  • Identify systems and connections
  • Identify people, locations, and value streams
  • Review existing Development Value Streams and ARTs (optional)
  • Brainstorm options
  • Realize ARTs in the Development Value Streams
  • OPTIONAL: Validation Testing
  • OPTIONAL: Validation test ART options
  • Documenting the Value Stream
  • Elaborate a Development Value Stream
  • MODULE 3 - Define Next Steps
  • Define Next Steps
  • Identify your most opportunistic Agile Release Train
  • Sequencing ART Launches
  • Determine ART launch sequencing
  • Creating the Implementation Plan
  • Identify next steps


Most often it is done in the "Identify Value Streams and ARTs" step of a SAFe implementation.

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