The Pmplementation Program is based on the recommended by Scaled Agile Inc. Roadmap of SAF Implementation

SAFe Implementation Program

SAFe Implementation Step 1

It is the decision to join SAFe. At this stage, it is a decision to commit funds to get to know SAFe. It aims to obtain knowledge from the SAFe practitioner what this decision means for the organization.

SAFe Implementation Step 2
Train Lean-Agile Change Agents

Scaled Agile Inc. encourages the training of internal SAFe consultants. They will be agents of change and agile evangelists on a scale. They implement SAFe in the organization and they train others with access to licensed materials.

SAFe Implementation Step 3
Train Executives, Managers, and Leaders

Agile implementation in the Scale of the entire organization starts with Top and Middle Management. Their commitment translates into the success of the change. We carry out this step on the basis of the Leading SAFe training

SAFe Implementation Step 4
Create a Lean-Agile Center of Excellence

Transformation of the Project Office into a Lean-Agile Center of Excellence. The knowledge of someone who monitors programs and wallets on a daily basis is invaluable.

SAFe Implementation Step 5
Identify Value Streams and ARTs

Identyfikacja Strumieni Wartości i Programów Zwinnych (Agile Release Trains) to meritum wdrożenia SAFe’a. Stanowią one oś wokół której obracają się mechanizmy SAFe’owe.
Identyfikację realizuje się na dedykowanym, licencjonowanym Warsztatacie SAFe Value Stream Workshop.

Elementem powiązanym jest definicja poziomu Portfela Programów zwinnych. Akredytowany Warsztat SAFe Lean Portfolio Management Workshop.


Identification of Value Streams and Agile Release Trains is the essence of SAFe implementation. They constitute the axis around which the SAF mechanisms rotate.
The identification is carried out at a dedicated, licensed SAFe Value Stream Workshop.

A related item is the definition of the Agile Portfolio level. Accredited SAFe Lean Portfolio Management Workshop.

SAFe Implementation Step 6
Create the Implementation Plan

Planning activities related to the implementation of SAFe.

SAFe Implementation Step 7
Prepare for ART Launch

After defining the first Agile Program, it's time to start the so-called Train (ART, Agile Release Train). The moment when the most questions arise. The whole organization starts working according to a new way. Representatives of particular roles must know how to behave. The moment for the implementation of training courses dedicated to individual SAFe roles:

These roles will support agile teams, coordinate their work, and manage business value. The moment of implementing individual artifacts and processes into practice.

SAFe Implementation Step 8
Train Teams and Launch the ART

Training of agile teams as part of the SAFe for Teams training for the launch of the first Program.
We start with PI Planning, an event where all the teams on the train gather in one place.

SAFe Implementation Steps 9, 10 i 12
Coach ART Execution, Launch More ARTs and Value Streams i Sustain and Improve

They should be done independently ... a lesson that you have to do yourself.

SAFe Implementation Step 11
Extend to the Portfolio

Explore other aspects such as contracting subcontractors or managing agile budgets.
The SAFe Lean Portfolio Management Workshop provides support - a place for topics that have not been discussed so far.

We are practitioners. We help in the implementation of changes related to project management.

The road is long, bumpy and changes organization.
It is worth taking a guide with you.

Are you looking for knowledge, more information, help, consultation

Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe®) the most valued approach to agile product development management at program and portfolio scale

SAFe supports the organization in managing multiple agile teams working together on the development of large solutions, taking into account the maximization of business value.